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2022 Climate Resilience Academy Symposium

The University of Miami recently launched its Climate Resilience Academy. The First Climate Resilience Academy Symposium was held Monday April 25th, 2022. I assembled a poster for that event summarizing several complementary efforts to make, analyze, and share digital 3-D models of coral reefs (click on the thumbnail below for full size pdf). I also brought multiple headsets to demonstrate our efforts to display/share these 3D models in XR. We have three apps to share so far:

  • The original South Florida Virtual Tours (on Magic Leap One)
  • Coral Reefs Virtual Tours (on Occulus Quest 2)
  • High-resolution experience and group site interpretation (on Occulus Rift)

Poster from the Symposium is embedded here; link to full story under "Relevant Links."
Digital 3-D models of coral reefs (poster)