Experimental Environmental Optics Group

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The experimental environmental optics group is located in the Atmospheric and Ocean Optics Laboratory in the James L. Knight Physics Building. The group is headed by Dr. Ken Voss. We are primarily concerned with measuring the scattering and absorption of radiation in the atmosphere and the ocean. The optical effects of the medium itself ,as well as those of suspended particles, are analyzed to help determine fundamental environmental mechanisms and to produce in situ data for use in remote sensing applications. Atmospheric aerosols, ocean phytoplankton, radiance distributions and polarizations (sky and ocean), whitecaps, and the sun aureole are particular research areas of members of the group. Laboratory phone number: (305)-284-2325 ext 3.

Members of the Group

  • Dr. Kenneth Voss, Group Director, Professor of Physics
  • Dr. Art Gleason, Assistant Scientist

Laboratory Facilities

  • Radiometric Calibration Room
    • NIST traceable standards for instrument calibration
  • Instrumentation
    • 5 Mulit-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometers, 5 Hand Held Sunphotometers
    • One Automatic Suntracking Sunphotometer (CIMEL)
    • Whitecap Radiometer System
    • CCD Camera Systems
      • RADS: Underwater Radiance Distribution Camera System
      • Sky Radiance Camera System
      • Aureole Camera System
      • Point Spread Function Camera System
    • Fraunhoefer Line Radiometer
    • Eye-safe Micro Pulse LIDAR System (Portable)
    • Underwater Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function Instrument (the BirDirF'er)
  • Electronics Workshop
  • Computer Facilities
    • Various PowerMacs, Mac Powerbooks, and associated computer equipment
    • PC computer systems and assoicated equipment
    • Ethernet and Apple Talk Networks, Laser Printer, Color Ink Jet Printer
  • Laboratory Office Area
  • CCD Camera Tank Room
    • Divisible Water Tank for Testing the Effects of Different Water Layers on the Point Spread Function
  • Equipment Storage Area
    • Dive Gear
    • Loading Bay
    • Shipping Equipment
      • 3 oceanographic winches, etc....
      • containers for lab field equipment
  • Laser Room

Group Fieldwork

Soon to have pictures of the fieldwork conducted by members of our group.

Available Data

Soon to see a description of data from various projects conducted by members of the group.